Weekly FinTech Rundown(28th August)


News, Longreads and Research

  • Alex Johnson - How Mid-size Banks Can Survive Fintech

  • Buying a bank turned LendingClub around. Now the fintech industry is watching.


  • 20VC LATAM: LATAM's Largest Fund, Kaszek Ventures on Scaling from $100M to $1BN, Why Capital is not a Source of Moat & Why LATAM is More Than Copycat Companies with Nicolas Szekasy, Co-Founder @ Kaszek Ventures

  • 20VC: Coinbase President & COO Emilie Choi on Building Coinbase Ventures into One of the Best Performing Funds with 0 Employees, How Coinbase Thinks Through Internal Resource Allocation and Prioritisation & Why, When and How To Hire Your COO and Head of C

  • The FinTech Blueprint podcast - Lex Solokin interviews Altruist CEO Jason Wenk on WealthTech, financial planning, advice, and generally improving financial health

  • 20VC LATAM Part 2: a16z's Angela Strange on When To Expand Beyond Your Core Market, Why Serving the Unbanked is Such Good Business & Whether the Startup Will Acquire the Distribution before The Incumbent Acquires the Innovation?

  • Tearsheet podcast - 'I can't tell you how many millennials pay their bills at the biller's site': Payveris' Marcell King

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